PowKiddy X51 is another Nintendo Switch clone

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PowKiddy are known to be experimental with their designs. The X18 was an attempt at reviving the clamshell design, and a mild success (there were questions around its ergonomics). This time around, PowKiddy seem to have gone back to the (Nintendo) drawing board… and have drawn inspiration from the Nintendo Switch with the upcoming Powkiddy X51.

There’s not a lot known about the PowKiddy X51 yet. However, we’ve managed to get our hands on a leaked video of the upcoming handheld, and here it is — for your eyes only.

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Of course, The X51 doesn’t seem to feature removable controllers a la the Nintendo Switch, and expectedly so. Given the company’s track record, expect this one to ship for under $100. For now, it looks like it’s a bit of a colour refresh more than anything; PowKiddy seem to be prepping their colour boards for the holiday season which is due in the next 6 months.

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In other news, they recently announced the PowKiddy RGB20S, which is an Analogue Pocket-style retro handheld with a USB Type-C port. It seems like we’re in for a fun remainder of 2022, with companies around the globe — from Steam to Anbernic — bringing their A-game out. With this level of competition, we should see a bunch of affordable (and otherwise) retro gaming handhelds.

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