Miyoo P60: Pictures, Specifications & Pricing

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While the likes of AYN, Anbernic and PowKiddy get their fair share of attention, there's one brand that does not. We're talking about Miyoo—the company behind the massively successful Mini. Next up from their stable is the Miyoo P60, that's been doing the rounds for a while. Here's all we know about it.
Front of the Miyoo P60

Thanks to our source in China, we’ve managed to get pictures of the upcoming retro console right here for you.

Let’s dig right into it.

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How does it look?

Much like the Mini, Miyoo haven’t gone overboard with things and design on the Miyoo P60 as well. The retro handheld gaming console looks like a total classic, with controls on both sides, and a simple, easy to miss facade. Let’s have a look.

Front of the Miyoo P60
The unassuming facade of the Miyoo P60
Shoulder buttons on the Miyoo P60
L1/L2 and R1/R2 shoulder buttons on the Miyoo P60

Our source managed to send more images of the P60, showing off the upcoming retro handheld in full glory. Here they are, arranged in a quick gallery—for your eyes only!

What specifications and price will the Miyoo P60 have?

While talks about this upcoming retro handheld have been going on for a while, there’s no confirmation on the specs. However, thanks to a bird (speaking rather loudly on the street), we think the P60 might feature a Helio P60 SoC. Now that’s one that a lot of budget smartphones have features through the years, but on the Miyoo, it’s going to hopefully mean better compatibility.

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As for the rest of the specs, here’s what we expect to see,

Miyoo P60 specifications:

  • 4-inch IPS touchscreen display
  • 2.0GHz octa-core MediaTek Helio P60 SoC with 3GB RAM
  • Mali G72 GPU
  • 4000mAh battery
  • Android 10/11

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The P60 is expected to feature WiFi and Bluetooth out of the box as well, so that is good. What his means is that the Miyoo P60 will not be the most affordable retro handheld, and expect to shell upwards of $150 for this one.

The P60 does seem to feature hardware that is comparable to the Retroid Pocket 3 specifications.

Since the Miyoo P60 will have Android, expect it to be extremely versatile with regards to emulation. However, if you are on a phone or tablet, here are the best PSP emulators for Android.

The Miyoo P60 has a fair share of retro gaming enthusiasts waiting for it to launch. In fact, it is a part of our list of the top upcoming handhelds in 2022!


The list of Android-powered retro consoles seems to be growing at a rapid pace. It is thus safe to assume that the Miyoo P60 will have some competition, and one prime competitor seems to be the Retroid Pocket 3.

A couple of other Android-powered consoles seem to be in the works, including the Anbernic RG505.

Videos of it in action

Here’s a hands-on video of the P60. Not too detailed, but we can’t really be choosers at this point…

Miyoo P60 Availability and Pricing

The P60 is not on sale yet, but expect it to start shipping early July. As mentioned earlier, it’s expected to cost around the $150 ballpark, so is it something you are looking to pick up?

Do you think it stands a chance against some of the best Anbernic handhelds? In other news, Miyoo is also working on the successor to the Mini, dubbed the Mini 2.

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