Breaking: Miyoo Mini to be discontinued, replaced with Miyoo Mini 2

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Yes, you read it right — the favourite entry-level retro emulation handheld, the Miyoo Mini is all set to be replaced by its successor, the Miyoo Mini 2.

The Mini is arguably the go-to retro handheld console for anybody looking to start their emulation journey. The Mini has sold hundreds thousands of units, if not millions, and has a thriving community going for it on virtually every platform. It seems, however, that the makers of the Mini have decided it is time to move on.

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Miyoo Mini to be discontinued?

The Mini has been plagued with a few issues, such as a bothersome QA at times (people have reported bad screens), among others. While there is no news about the release of the much-awaited Miyoo P60, my source close to the factory revealed that the display unit of the Mini is in short supply.

That combined with improvements in design, higher average selling prices, seems to have encouraged the factory to ditch the Mini in favour of the upcoming Miyoo Mini 2.

Miyoo Mini 2: Design

There is hardly much that’s known about the Miyoo Mini 2. A couple of things I can confirm at this point are a) a landscape layout (as opposed to the vertical layout on the Mini) and the design. A picture of the purported Mini 2 is right here for you to look at:

Leaked picture of the upcoming Miyoo Mini 2

With the landscape design, you can see Miyoo have tried to correct only what was wrong on the original Miyoo. For one, there’s now an analog stick, alongside the D-pad on the left, with the four action buttons and two function buttons on the right.

Shoulder buttons can be noticed on top, along with a very typical Miyoo-style speaker grill on the bottom right.

Miyoo Mini 2: Specifications and Release Date

Miyoo tend to not go overboard with specifications on their devices. We saw that with the upcoming Miyoo P60 as well; the same is expected on the Mini 2 also. However, exact details of the components powering the Mini 2, or the release date, are not available yet.

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    • It does look like that, depending on who you ask. We’ve had a chat with Miyoo, and it seems like this is real. The product, if not the picture!


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