How To Evolve Alolan Vulpix into Ninetales in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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Here's how you can evolve Alolan Vulpix in Pokemon Legends: Arceus in simple steps!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus brought about a much needed change in the franchise. It re-introduced the concept of roaming around and catching your favorite Pokemon. And if you are lucky, you can even get some of them without having to draw your Pokemon for battle.

Not only this, you get the chance to access Pokemon on which you can fly and roam around the beautiful landscape of the Sinnoh region, quite easily. 

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Along with the introduction of the basics, the game made the fans even happier by bringing back the nostalgic Alolan Vulpix and its evolved form, Alolan Ninetales.

How To Evolve Alolan Vulpix in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Alolan Vulpix is a cute and entirely white Pokemon, of the fox descent, with blue sprinkled in its puppy eyes and quite amazing hairstyle. But Alolan Vulpix is just the beginning of an exciting adventure that will lead to its evolution into the majestic and powerful form of Alolan Ninetales.

In this article, we will learn how to do just that!

How to Find Alolan Vulpix:

The First Step:

You cannot evolve your snowy friend without first acquiring it in its original form. And for that you’ll have to first find the “Kantoan Vulpix” or what gamers commonly like to refer to as a normal Vulpix. 

You’ll find an ordinary Vulpix in the Cobal Coastlands, where all the Pokemon are chilling and hanging out. Once in Cobalt Coastlands, find a place called Veilstone Cape and once you’re there, you won’t have to look farther to complete the first step.

Now that you have the Vulpix, go to what is called The Galaxy Board in the Galaxy HQ, which is basically a blackboard inside Professor Laventon’s room where you find guides to proceed ahead in your game. 

The Second Step:

This is where you’ll find a guide for your next step, which is called “Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow”. The guide will lead you to a place named Alabaster Icelands and in its Base Camp, you’ll stumble into a sad guy called Keaka, who is pretty upset about losing his five precious Alolan Vulpix. 

If you look carefully, the search won’t take too much of your time as all of them will be around Avalanche Slopes. And in this not-so-boring process, a Alolan Vulpix will take a liking towards you and Keaka will give it to you as a token of gratitude. 

This will finish your second step of finding the Alolan Vulpix for yourself. And now comes the most exciting part which you’ve been waiting for. 

How to Evolve Alolan Vulpix into Alolan Ninetales

Surprisingly, it is quite easy to complete this task. You won’t have to go on any quest or enter into any near-death combats. All you need to do is… find a rock. Yes, a rock called Ice Stone and that’s it. 

You can access the Ice Stone from your inventory and apply it to your friend to evolve them. And it is not very difficult to find this Ice Stone.

You can easily buy this rock from the Trading Post located in the Jubilife Village for 1,000 Merit Points. To get to this many Merits Points, you’ll have to have about 15 to 20 lost satchels in your inventory. You get lost satchels whenever you pick up lost items dropped by your friends. The more lost satchels you possess, the more Merits Points you’ll have.

However, in case you don’t seem to have enough Merits Points then worry not, because there’s another way to evolve your Alolan Vulpix. You can use your existing Pokemon Ursaluna to ride on it and go on treasure hunts which will end up in you getting your hands on an Ice Stone. You should look for dig spots where you can stumble on this precious rock.

And that is it. By the end of this third step, your cute little Alolan Vulpix will have evolved into a powerful Alolan Ninetales beast. 

Is there a way to directly get an Alpha Ninetales?

There surely is! But of course, it is not easy. Alpha Ninetails are basically Alolan Ninetails but with different colors and different behavior. They are fierce and wild and are not easily captured. 

They can be found in the Lava Dome Sanctum of the Firepit Island in the Cobalt Coastlands. But you’ll have to be fully prepared to even stand a chance at capturing the wild Pokemon. With accessories like Smoke Bomb and Stealth Spray, you’ll be able to get close to it. And your best chance is to hit it in the back with your Ultra Ball to capture it.

However, as mentioned it’s not as easy as you might imagine. Your trainer will have to be a certain level and rank to even get into combat with the Alpha Ninetails. So, it’s best that you go for Alolan Ninetails until you can try for its Alpha counterpart.

Will there be any change in the stats of the Pokemon after its evolution?

Yes, one hundred percent! That’s the entire point behind Pokemon evolution. With Alolan Ninetails, you’ll be getting an exciting and powerful Pokemon with great speed, attacking skills, and equally great defense. 

Here’s the overview of the stats change:

EvolutionsHPAttackSpecial AttackDefenseSpecial DefenseSpeedTotal
Alolan Vulpix384150406565299
Alolan Ninetails73678175100109505

And that’s a wrap! We hope you liked the article and got all the necessary information for not only capturing the Alolan Vulpix but also evolving it into Alolan Ninetails. So, be quick and start flaunting your skills on Pokemon Legends: Arceus now!

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