Top 7 Upcoming Handheld Consoles in 2022

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In this article, we look at some of the most interesting upcoming handheld consoles in 2022!

It’s raining games in 2022, with a bunch of upcoming handheld consoles! Fortunately, we are not living in a Murakami novel, or this would be happening literally. From Anbernic to Miyoo and Retroid, everybody is trying to win the race of being your first choice.

And this competition has led to improvement in the upcoming consoles; it has pushed the companies to the limits of innovation.

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So, it falls upon you to make the right choice and choose what is best for you. In this article, we will list the top 10 upcoming handheld gaming consoles that we are looking forward to!

Anbernic Win600

Update: the Anbernic Win600 has officially been announced. Here are full details.

Anbernic is known for combining the traditional retro design with modern tech to provide best of both worlds. The RG series is extremely popular, with devices like the RG351 topping the charts. Next in line is the Windows-powered Anbernic Win600, which will add yet another feather to its cap.

Anbernic Win600 Windows Handheld Gaming PC
The Windows-powered Anbernic Win600

Anbernic Win600 Specifications and Features

As for the pricing, it is available starting $325. More details about the Win600 are available here.

Miyoo P60: Upcoming handeld console we can’t wait for!

Known for manufacturing the uber-popular Mini, Miyoo is now going to fly high with the Android-powered P60. We’ve covered the upcoming Miyoo P60 in great depth, trying to capture all details.

Miyoo P60 Specifications and Features

Since the console is going to run on the MediaTek Helio P60 chip, it is named… *drumroll* Miyoo P60. It is expected to have 32GB of storage, with a 3GB RAM (and more storage variants). According to the leaked images, it seems that the console will have a thick clamshell chassis and a screen aspect ratio of 16:9.

It will come with the typical two analog sticks and a DMG speaker grill. Many also speculate that it will have one of the best GameCube emulations of all time. The price and the launch date is yet to be revealed, but given the hardware on offer, expect it to breach the $100 mark.

Retroid Pocket 3: Successor to a successful handheld

Update: the Retroid Pocket 3 has officially been announced. Here are the full Retroid Pocket 3 specifications.

After the overwhelming success of its predecessor, Retroid Pocket 2, the new addition to this series—the Pocket 3—is highly being anticipated in the retro gaming community. 

The upcoming Retroid Pocket 3
Leaked schematics of the upcoming Retroid Pocket 3

Retroid Pocket 3 Specifications and Features

As per the leaked images, the new Retroid Pocket 3 seems to have a large screen with curved shells. It will run on Android 10, feature WiFi, Bluetooth and touchscreen features. Just like its previous family member, the company is expected to try and price it reasonably, giving it an edge over other brands providing similar features. It will most likely be released at the end of the year.

This one’s going to be one to watch out for!

AYN Loki: Upcoming affordable Windows handheld

After releasing the AYN Odin, the Hong Kong-based maker has now confirmed that they will be releasing a new range handheld gaming consoles dubbed the AYN Loki. It is being promoted as the “most affordable Windows handheld ever created.”

The upcoming AYN Loki Windows handheld

AYN Loki Specifications and Features:

The price of the AYN Loki is already revealed and is open for pre-ordering starting $299. This is for the Loki Mini version which features an Intel processor. However, the standard Loki model will come with the AMD Ryzen processor, which is generally known to be preferred by gamers. The design is quite similar to the AYN Odin, but the Loki will come with Windows unlike the Android-powered Odin. 

Anbernic RG353P: The hype queen

Update: the Anbernic RG353P has officially been announced. Here are full details. You can also find the full Anbernic RG353P specifications here.

Anbernic are still flying high with the success of the RG351 series. In fact, apart from the RG351 series, there are many other Anbernic consoles that are doing quite well; you can read more in this article where we talk about the best Anbernic handheld consoles.

The RG353P has been anticipated for a while now. At the time of publishing this article, it seems as though the Anbernic RG353P will start shipping early to mid-July.

The Anbernic RG353P

Anbernic RG353P Specifications and Features:

The exciting feature of this new model is that it will have a dual boot system, both Linux and Android together in one. It will have a relatively small screen size of 4:3 but with the feature of touchscreen. The model is expected to use the RK3566 chip, which will make it simple and easier to use. It resembles the PocketGo S30 closely, but if the price is low then it might be a hit. As mentioned earlier, it is expected to go up for pre-order late June and start shipping in July 2022.

Anbernic RG353V: Vertical goodness

Much hype has been already created around the rumored Anbernic RG353V, which is supposed to be a revival of the old vertical designed handheld consoles. The reigning kind of vertical handhelds remans the Miyoo Mini, but the RG353V, if rumours are to be believed, might give the Mini a run for its money.

The upcoming Anbernic RG353V


Anbernic RG353V Specifications and Features

We don’t know for sure yet about the processor used on the RG353V. Rumors however suggest that it might be something new, but we expect to see a Rockchip. On the display front, it will have an LCD with an aspect ratio of 4:3, keeping it small and pocket-friendly.

No other information is available with regards to this new model. We’re expecting the Anbernic RG353V to be priced at around the $50-60 mark.

AYA Neo Air: “Ultra Thin” OLED goodness!

Unlike some other brands/consoles here, AYA is famous for making durable and expensive handheld gaming consoles.; AYA Neo aren’t as affordable the other consoles on this list. About the AYA Neo Air, CEO Arthur Zhang revealed on Twitter that it is going to be one of their best products ever.

Aya Neo Air

AYA Neo Air Specifications and Features

It is not entirely a new lineup, but rather an addition to the existing AYA Neo series. According to the CEO, the AYA Neo Air will be the world’s very first ultra-thin OLED Windows handheld gaming console. It is expected to pack a punch in terms of performance, and will run Windows 11.

Not a lot of information has been made public other than that. Retail prices start $549, which seem rather attractive at this point. However, what remains to be seen is when it starts shipping in 2022.

Upcoming handheld consoles in 2022: Summary 

The handheld gaming consoles mentioned in this article are some of the most awaited ones. Be it horizontal or vertical, these gaming consoles, we’re looking forward to them hitting the market.

And for many (like the RETRO91 team), a source of pure happiness. Like you, it is difficult for us here at RETRO91 to wait for these… However, it will all be worth it. Hopefully! 

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