The best accessories for your Miyoo Mini

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Managed to pick up a Miyoo Mini, or want to simply check out the best accessories for the tiny handheld? We got you covered right here!

The Miyoo Mini is one undeniably of today’s most popular handhelds. And while rumours surfaced of Miyoo’s plan to cease its production, the device still continues to receive continuous support from its dedicated communities. 

If you own a Miyoo Mini — or are planning to get one while stocks still last — then this article is for you. Because today, we’re taking a look at the best accessories for the Miyoo Mini. 

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Best Accessories For Your Miyoo Mini

Miyoo Mini accessories

While there’s a bunch of accessories for the Miyoo Mini you can find, we’ve selected some of the best ones that we personally can vouch for. Have a look right here!

1. Carrying case

Photo from u/Ayame__
Check out Miyoo Mini carrying cases on:
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This, coming from myself — a Miyoo Mini user myself — is one of the most important accessories you should buy for this device. 

The Miyoo Mini is a retro handheld gaming console that just screams to be used while on the go. And while its size and weight allow you to just slide it into your pocket, there’s always a chance that it can get damaged when you travel with it. That said, a carrying case is an essential accessory for those planning to go out and about with the Miyoo Mini. 

Luckily, finding one is easy thanks to the device’s dimensions that’s pretty much close to the size of a full deck of playing cards. The market offers tons of options from generic soft-shell cases to custom-made items, like this one, posted by Reddit user u/Ayame__.

While the Miyoo Mini does offer good build quality, its small size still means that it’s fairly susceptible to damage. Sure, it’s durable but it’s definitely not indestructible. 

A carrying case will give your device a certain layer of protection when you take it with you. It won’t easily get scratched and dented should you put it in your bag along with other electronic gadgets. 

2. Miyoo Mini grips

Photo from u/SquareSoft

We definitely dig these designs from Reddit user u/SquareSoft!

We’ve mentioned a couple of times that gaming for hours on the Miyoo Mini could be challenging. Its design simply prioritizes portability, sacrificing ergonomics in the process. 

That said, fans of the retro handheld have designed grips that would not only fit the Miyoo Mini, but will also make using it a more comfortable experience. 

We would also would love to get our hands on these grips from fellow Reddit user and r/MiyooMini member u/GETCHAFAB.

Photo from u/GETCHAFAB

3. Custom buttons

Photo from Sakura Retro Modding’s Instagram

As we’ve mentioned in a previous article, why the Miyoo Mini is the best starter retro console, retro console modder Sakura Retro Modding, creates some of the best-looking face buttons and D-pads for the Miyoo Mini. 

The designs put out by the modder, available to see on Sakura Retro Modding’s Instagram page, vary from classic Nintendo-inspired pieces to personalized choices. Sakura Retro Modding even makes stickers to match the design commissioned by customers. 

And while we’re on the topic of buttons, the Miyoo Mini can also be retrofitted with these shoulder buttons designed by u/Snoo74895

Photo from Reddit user u/Snoo74895

4. Lanyards and laces

Photo from u/nokereani
Check out Miyoo Mini lanyards on: 
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> AliExpress

Lanyards and wrist laces can also be considered a necessity for gamers using the Miyoo Mini. Despite the device’s good build quality, it still suffers from common issues like a broken screen.

A lot of Miyoo Mini owners report having damaged their screens after dropping the device. 

That said, it’s important to get a lanyard or a lace you can attach to the Miyoo Mini so it won’t fall off your hands accidentally. Check this picture out from Reddit user u/nokereani.

A lot of owners do this either by using a bumper case with grooves for the accessory or simply by placing the lanyard tie in between the screw of any of the Miyoo Mini’s bottom corners. 

Miyoo Mini Accessories: Summary

These are just some of the best accessories available for the Miyoo Mini. of course, there are still some honorable mentions such as charging docks and Bluetooth headset adaptors that go quite well with the device. 

Check out this charging stand from u/FranKamado.

Photo from u/FranKamado

If you are using a Miyoo Mini and have a suggestion for an accessory, kindly let us know in the comments section below so others might see it too. 

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