AYANEO Flip: Clamshell-style console teased, expected later in 2022

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Rumors of a clamshell-style device from Chinese handheld console maker, AYANEO, have surfaced on the internet. According to reports, the new console will befittingly be named the AYANEO Flip.

The Shenzhen-based brand has staged a livestream event where they revealed the company’s products in the pipeline. The AYANEO Flip was revealed here; it was shown alongside the AYANEO 2, AYANEO 2 Geek, AYANEO Slide, and AYANEO Air Plus

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As of the moment, gamers are hard-pressed to find any official information about the above mentioned device. However, fans of the brand have posted some supposedly leaked photos of the AYANEO Flip. 

Here are a few pictures from Twitter user RKezins.

Photo from @RKezins
Photo from @RKezins

Not much is revealed in the photos. We reckon that the AYANEO Flip — the name being a dead giveaway — would somehow offer a “handy” form factor. This would be in contrast to other devices currently offered by the console manufacturer. Its current roster includes the AYANEO 2021 and its Pro version as well, alongside the AYANEO Next and its range-topping Pro variant.

AYANEO Flip Specifications

Our assumption is based on the idea that instead of the physical controls flanking the large screen of the AYANeo Flip, its placement at the bottom half of the clamshell unit will make the device somehow shorter. In addition, the space in the middle of the controls could (we’re crossing our fingers here) sport some kind of physical keyboard or a smaller secondary screen, perhaps like the Nintendo DS. 

As a result, we’re thinking this would attract those who prefer to use a smaller, lighter device with benefits that lean towards portability. In case you’ve noticed, AYANEO’s current handheld console lineup is not in anyway pocket friendly.

We expect more information about the AYANEO closer to launch. Word on the web says it’s poised to be released in the latter part of 2022. Which makes sense, as people typically spend more money on gadgets and devices during the holiday season. 

Stay tuned for more news about the AYANEO Flip, only here at Retro91. 

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