#Retro91Deals: RG351MP for $119.99, and more!

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Written By Yash Garg

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For the first time, we’re bringing some crazy deals for the RETRO91.com community. We’ve worked it out with Hekka.com to offer some sweet retro consoles at discounted prices (never seen before!). Here are full details.

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1. Anbernic RG351MP @ $119.99 (free shipping)

The Anbernic RG351MP
The Anbernic RG351MP
→ Use code RETRO91 to get $40 off on the RG351MP
→ Store link

Perhaps the best budget retro handheld console at this point, the Anbernic RG351MP goes for upwards of $150 in most stores, including the official Anbernic store.

RETRO91.com readers can use coupon RETRO91 to get $40 off on the retail price, to avail the RG351MP for just $119.99. This is a limited time deal.

2. Miyoo Mini @ $52.99 (free shipping)

The Miyoo Mini
The Miyoo Mini
→ Use code RETRO915 to get the Miyoo Mini for $52.99 shipped
→ Store link

Hands down the best retro handheld console under $100, the Miyoo Mini generally goes for about $60 or higher. This is the first time that it’s being made available for $52.99.

Word is that the Mini might get discontinued pretty soon; here’s why. Good one to pick up if you’re looking to enjoy casual games (up to PS1) on the go.

3. Anbernic RG503 @ $119.99 (free shipping)

Anbernic RG503 review - PlayStation PSP emulation
The Anbernic RG503
→ Use code 30RETRO91 to get the RG503 for just $119.99 shipped
→ Store link

We recently toyed around with the RG503; here’s the Anbernic RG503 review for you to read. What definitely works in the favour of the RG503 is the large OLED screen, which is something that’s not seen on other consoles in the range.

The RG503 generally goes for about $160, and RETRO91.com readers can snag one for $119.99 with free shipping, which is a straight $40 off.

Other Deals

Besides the above mentioned deals, RETRO91.com readers can use the following codes:

  • Code RETRO915 – $5 off any Anbernic, Miyoo or PowKiddy console over $50
  • Code RETRO9110 – $10 off any Anbernic, Miyoo or PowKiddy console over $100

All deals applicable on Hekka. We’ll keep trying to get the best deals for RETRO91.com readers, always!

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